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We are pleased to share with you Drawing Discoveries, an educational CD developed in the '90s to support children young and old that lack confidence in their ability to draw. It provides a simplified model of viewing form, shape and line that anyone can master. Often children 8 and older become dissatisfied with expressive drawing and want to draw in a more realistic way. Drawing Discoveries provides a simple foundation for observation and replication.

Not recommended for children younger than 8 years old/or young expressive artists! "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child." - Pablo Picasso

Drawing Discoveries embarks on a journey to Africa, where Akua (the gazelle guide) leads an art safari through three areas of the continent: the grasslands, the rainforest and waterways, and the desert. Each of these sections include step-by-step guided directions on animals to draw, as well as brief videos about the animals themselves. The CD originally provided an art toolbox where the lessons and coloring of the artwork could be accomplished and saved on-screen. 

These lessons are just as effective followed off-screen with paper and markers or crayons.  We recommend non-toxic colored markers because of the vibrant/satisfying colors they produce and the inability to go back and correct. Making a mark, learning to accept its value and working through it (even it that means turning it into something else!) is healthy and empowering and contributes to confident, happy young artists. If available, young ones can also experiment using a graphics pad. Combining physical drawing skills with digital ones opens the door to the exciting world of 3D design and animation.

Art making isn't only an exercise of creative expression. We know if you hear and see something, you remember about 50%. If you hear, see and do something - your retention jumps to 85%! Drawing Discoveries provides an effective format for part of the 'doing' that augments comprehension and recall while developing visual and fine motor skills.

We treasure and would love to share the art you make! If you'd like your work posted here on our SOZA site for all to enjoy, please take a high resolution scan or photo and send to: 

Drawing Discoveries Introduction