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We're so grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with these remarkable people and institutions that add so much to our lives
and we'd like you to get to know them better.

Learn more about Erie Zoo

The Erie Zoological Society & Botanical Gardens is a 15-acre zoo located in Erie, Pennsylvania. Erie Zoo is home to over 400 animals, and our botanical gardens and greenhouse have over 600 species of plants from around the world. Due to the closure of the zoo in response to the Covid-19 outbreak we appreciate your support.

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Learn more about Conservation Fusion

Conservation Fusion is an educational non-profit organization. Our mission "Educating to Build and Strengthen Our World" empowers and creates teams of dedicated individuals & partners connecting people to nature to save endangered species in the wild. Our team works to create a healthy and bright future for people, wildlife and our planet.

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Learn more about the Kasiisi Project

Our mission is to conserve Kibale National Park in rural western Uganda through programs that support education, health, and care for the environment. We support early childhood education, provide daily school lunches, train teachers, encourage literacy, fund secondary school and college scholarships and address the special needs of girls.

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